Getting Started for Users

Users are people who use the Digital Archive for research or just for fun. They can see all public items in a Digital Archive collection, but have no access to non-public items or private fields. A user cannot edit or add items unless they log in as an Archivist or Administrator.

To get started using the Digital Archive as a user:

  • Find out what you can do with the Digital Archive by reading the sections below
  • Learn to use specific features by clicking the Learn how link in any section below

What a user can do with the Digital Archive:

Search one collection or many

You can search any or all collections in three different ways:

  • Type keywords into the search box
  • Click topics of interest in the Refine Your Search panel
  • Use the Advanced Search page

Learn how to search

View search results in different ways

You can view your search results in four different ways:

  • Table view with rows showing thumbnails and metadata
  • Table view with compact rows showing sortable columns of metadata
  • Grid view showing only images and titles
  • Index view (like the index in the back of a book)

Learn how to view search results

Flag items to view later

You can mark items that you want to view later so that you can quickly find them again without doing a new search. Just click the little flag icon beside the item number.

Flagging items to view later
Learn how to flag items

Share search results with other people

You can share your search results with a friend or colleague by sending them a link. When the recipient clicks the link, they'll see the results exactly the same way as you are viewing them.

Learn how to share search results

Create a PDF report that you can print

You can save search results as a PDF document to print or email to someone.

Learn how to create a PDF of search results

Use the Digital Notebook to save and organize what you find

You can save and organize items that you find to the digital notebook. You can share your notebook with others online.

Learn how to use the Digital Notebook

Not all of the features above are enabled in all Digital Archive installations. Which features are available depends on which Digital Archive plugins are installed.