Logging into the Digital Archive

Archivists and Administrators must login to the Digital Archive to add or edit items or make modifications to the installation. There is also a special class of User called Guest that can login to see information that is not available to the general public, but they cannot add or edit items.

Learn about different kinds of users.

How to login

Follow these steps to login to the Digital Archive:

1 – Click the login link

Go to the site and click the Login link located at the lower right on every page

login link

2 – Enter your user name and password

On the Login page, enter your user name and password. When you log in as an Archivist or Administrator, a dark gray menu bar will appear at the top of the page.

See best practices for login credentials.

3 – Access admin features

login link

Click your name in the dark gray menu bar to get to the Avant Dashboard page. From the dashboard you can get to all backend features, that is, features that only logged in users have access to.

Avant Dashboard

The Avant Dashboard page shows you the items you have recently added and recently modified. The dashboard's top and left admin menus provide access to a number of features that archivists and administrators use. When logged in as an archivist you see fewer features (first screenshot below) than when logged in as an administrator (second screenshot below).

login link


To get back to the public Digital Archive interface, but still stay logged in, click the name of your organization at the top left of the dashboard. In the screenshots above, the organization name is "Southwest Harbor Public Library." While using the public interface, you'll know you are logged in because the dark gray menu bar will appear at the top of every page. You can get back to the dashboard at any time by clicking your name in the top menu bar.