Getting Started for Archivists

Archivists are staff members and volunteers who maintain a Digital Archive collection. They have a user name and password that lets them log in and see all public items in the collection as well as non-public items and private fields. They can add new items, edit existing items, attach images and PDF files to items, edit vocabularies, and establish relationships among items. An archivist cannot make changes to a Digital Archive installation unless they log in as an Administrator.

To get started using the Digital Archive as an archivist:

After you are comfortable working with items:

What an archivist can do with the Digital Archive:

Search the collection and work with search results

An archivist can do everything that a public (not logged-in) user can do:

Login to the Digital Archive

An archivist has a user name and password that they use to login to the Digital Archive.
You must be logged-in to perform any of the tasks described on the rest of this page.

Learn how to login

See non-public items and private metadata fields

An archivist can search and view all of the data in their organization's Digital Archive. In contrast, a public user can only search public items and fields.

An archivist that is logged in to their organization's Digital Archive cannot see non-public data in another organization's Digital Archive.

Learn about what gets searched

Edit items in the collection

An archivist can edit the metadata for every item in the collection. An archivist can make an item public or non-public. They can also delete an item.

If you are not familiar with the terms item and metadata, see Digital Archive concepts.
To learn about public and non-public items, read about what gets searched.

Learn how to edit an item

Delete items from the collection

An archivist can delete an item from the collection.

Learn how to delete an item

Add new items to the collection

An archivist can add a new item to the collection and control whether it is public or non-public. The can also attach images and PDF files to the new item.

Learn how to add a new item

Attach images and PDF files to items

An archivist can attach images and/or PDF files to an item. They can also remove an attachment and control the order in which attachment thumbnails appear on the item's page.

If you are not familiar with item attachments, see Digital Archive concepts.

An archivist is responsible for managing the archival copies, meaning the full-sized versions, of their digital assets. The Digital Archive only stores web-sized images and does not provide features for managing archival files. Every organization should have a scheme in place for managing and protecting these assets.

Learn how attach a file to an item

Create relationships among items

An archivist can establish relationships among items in the collection. For example, they can relate all the photographs of a specific person to an item containing information about that person. They can also edit existing relationships and remove relationships.

Relationships are by far the most sophisticated feature of the Digital Archive; however, the mechanics of adding relationships is fast, easy, and fun once you have a thorough understanding of how relationships work.

Relationships change a site from ordinary to extraordinary and archivists should make an effort to learn how to use this important feature.

Learn about working with relationships

Edit vocabularies

An archivist can edit the terms used for metadata fields that use a vocabulary. They can also create new vocabularies for fields that are unique to their site such as a Status field.
All Digital Archive sites use vocabularies for these fields:

  • Type
  • Subject
  • Place
  • Rights

Learn about editing vocabularies