Getting Started for Administrators

An Administrator maintains their organization's Digital Archive site. They have special privileges that let them change the appearance of the site, add menu items, configure plugin options, add new users, define relationship types and rules, and use other administrative features that Archivists don't have access to.

Cosmetic changes in Omeka 3.0

Omeka 3.0 introduced cosmetic changes to its administrator screens to use different styling and colors. The changes did not affect the layout of fields or controls and did not change how the interface works. However, the administrative screenshots used throughout this documentation show the old look of Omeka 2.7.

To get started using the Digital Archive as an administrator:

  • Learn what administrators can do by reading the sections below
  • Try using some of the administrative features

What an administrator can do:

Work with Omeka features
Work with Digital Archive features
Add and edit relationship types and rules