Special Features for Archivists

An archivist has access to data and features that a public user (not logged in) cannot see.

An archivist can see:

The following sections describe each of these features.

Non-public items

An archivist can see non-public items, that is, items that have their Public checkbox unchecked on the Add Item or Edit Item page. In search results, non-public items have an asterisk next to their Identifier as shown below. This is just a convenience to make you aware that an item is non-public.

Example showing asterisk on non-public items

Private metadata fields

An archivist can see an item's private fields when viewing the item's public page. The first screenshot below shows the metadata portion of an item page. The fields that appear in gray italics are private – public users cannot see them. Private fields also appear the same way in search results in Table View with Details layout as shown in the second screenshot.

Item page showing private fields

Example showing private fields on a non-public item

Search results showing private fields

Example showing private fields in search results

Links to let you quickly work with an item appear on both the item pages and in search results in Table View with Details layout. These links are shown below and in the two screenshots above.

Quick access links

Clicking a link takes you directly to the corresponding admin page so that you can instantly view or edit the item, or work with its relationships.

As archivist can use the Advanced Search page to search both public and private metadata fields. Public users only see public fields in the Fields dropdown list, but for archivists, the list is divided into two groups named Public Fields and Private Fields as shown in the screenshot below.

Private fields in Advanced Search

The private fields only appear in the dropdown list when you are searching your organization's site. If you are searching All Sites, you will only see the public fields that all sites use (you won't see site-specific public fields). When searching All Sites, the list will contain the Contributor pseudo field which lets you filter search results by contributing organization based on their Contributor ID.

The screenshot below shows what a logged in user sees when searching All Sites.

Private fields in Advanced Search

Using Advanced Search to find non-public items

One of the fields in the Private Fields group is named Public (not shown in the screenshot). You can use that field to restrict search results to either public or non-public items. To find only non-public items, set the search value to false as shown below. Set it to true to find only public items.

Search for non-public items

When AvantS3 is installed, an S3 link appears next to an item's Identifier. Click the link to go directly to the item's archival assets on your Amazon AWS S3 server.

Example showing S3 link

On the AWS site, you can click on an asset to download it. In the example below, the asset is the original 27.4 MB scan corresponding to the web-sized Digital Archive image for item 8065.

Amazon AWS S3 page

Admin menu bar

When an archivist is logged in, a dark gray menu bar appears at the top of each page. When viewing a public page, you can click your name in the menu bar to get to the Avant Dashboard admin page.

admin menu bar