The Digital Archive provides a number of benefits, many of which are not available in other collection managements systems. This section lists some of the most important benefits.

PDF file searching
Keyword searches include the text of PDF files. For archives having a large number of textual PDFs, it vastly increases the likelihood of finding what you are looking for. Without it, a search only finds text in an item's metadata fields. Requires the AvantElasticsearch plugin.
Shared searching across collections
Multiple organizations can share their collection so that a user can search one site or all sites. Requires the AvantElasticsearch plugin.
Facet searching
Facet searching quickly narrows down search results, or narrows all items in a collection to just those of interest. Requires the AvantSearch and AvantElasticsearch plugins.
Index View
Index View shows search results as a compact, alphabetized list of unique values indexed by a specific field. Requires the AvantSearch plugin.
Relationships show how two or more people, places, or things are connected to each other in the real world. Requires the AvantRelationships plugin.
Support for archival assets using Amazon S3
You can access your S3 archival assets (full-size, high resolution files) with a single click. Requires the AvantS3 plugin.
Common Vocabulary
The Common Vocabulary is a set of vocabulary terms that multiple organizations can share to provide consistency among their collections. Requires the AvantVocabulary plugin.
Zoomable images
A zoomable image is a very high resolution image that you can zoom in on to see more detail. Requires the AvantZoom plugin.
Open Source
The Digital Archive is open source software (free and non-proprietary) that an organization can modify or extend based on its own needs.