Copy a MySQL database

This section explains how to use an existing database for a new or existing installation.

Export database

On the web server that hosts the database you want to copy:

  • Go to [cPanel] and choose phpMyAdmin
  • On the far left, click on the name of the database to export
  • In the top menu, click on Export
  • For Export method choose Quick
  • For Format choose SQL
  • Click Go
  • On the Save dialog, choose where to save the file on your computer

Create new database

If you need to create a new database to copy into, follow the instructions for
how to create a database for a new Digital Archive installation.

Import database

  • Run MySQL Workbench
  • Connect to the database you want to copy to
  • Double click on the name of the database (make sure the name becomes bold)
  • Choose File > Open SQL Script from the top menu
  • Select the .sql file exported in the Export section above
  • Click the Open button to close the dialog
  • Make any necessary edits to the SQL
  • Be sure no text is selected or else the next step will try to execute the selection.
  • Click the lightning bolt button to execute the script

Edit db.ini

If you'll be using the new database with an existing Digital Archive installation, you'll need to edit the db.ini file located in the root Omeka folder as appropriate for the database.