Working with relationships


Once installed, AvantRelationships extends the Omeka admin and public user interfaces to provide the ability to add and display relationships. Specifically, the plugin:

  • Adds a Relationships menu item in Omeka's admin left menu
  • Adds a Relationships button on the admin Item page
  • Adds a Cover Image tab on the admin item Edit page
  • Displays Relationship Groups below an item's metadata on public and admin Item pages
  • Displays a Visualization Preview on the public and admin Item pages
  • Adds Relationships filter to the bottom of the Omeka Advanced Search page

To learn about features provided by AvantRelationships, see the following topics on the Digital Archive website:

Default Rules and Types

To help get you started using AvantRelationships, the installer creates a small set of relationship types and rules. After installation you can see and edit these by clicking Relationships in Omeka's left admin menu. You'll need to edit/add/remove rules to meet your own needs. You also want to edit/add/remove relationship types in ways that make sense for your collection.

Title Sync Option

The [AvantElements] plugin has a Title Sync option that makes it easy to keep implicitly related items in sync with each other. If you change the title text in one item, Title Sync will automatically update the corresponding text in implicitly related items.


  • The AvantRelationships plugin only detects an implicit relationships when there is an exact match between the element text in one item and the corresponding Dublin Core Title text in another. If the text varies even by a space, the relationship won't be detected.
  • When displaying a creator item, if there are a lot of creation items, the page will display a short list of creation items followed by a button that the user can click to see all of the items. The number of items in the short list is controlled by the Max indirect items option on the AvantRelationships configuration page. If AvantSearch is also installed and activated, clicking the button will display all of the related creations as search results in an Image View. If AvantSearch is not active, clicking the button will display all of the creation items inline on the creator item page.