Add a reference item

This page is is under development

  • 1 Read the steps for How to add a new item
  • 2 Set the Type field to Reference
  • 3 Set the Subject field to the appropriate subject for the reference
  • 4 Set the Rights field to In Copyright – Non-Commercial Use Permitted
  • 5 Enter values for other fields
  • 6 Save the item
  • 7 Attach a Reference Sheet (optional)
    • Copy the sheet’s Word document and PDF file to S3 (two files)
    • Attach the sheet’s PDF file to the item (see How to attach photos or documents to an item)
  • 8 Add relationships to the item (optional) See How to add a relationship between two items
  • 9 Review the item

    Tip: It’s okay to only perform steps 1 – 6 when there is no reference sheet, or when the reference sheet will come later.